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Rohit Chaddha


Mr. Rohit Chaddha has 16+ years of financial consultancy experience with eminent companies such as GE, Genpact, United Villages and Deepak Batra. Mr. Rohit Chaddha holds expertise in the fields of Business Plan, Strategy, Risk, Finance and Investigations for Startups & SME's.

Munish Mahajan


Mr. Munish Mahajan is a techno-commercial professional with M.tech from Delhi College of Engineering with 20+ years of experience in Connected Vehicle, Connected Homes, IoT, Mobility, Enterprise Solutions (Cloud-based), M2M, Set-top Box, Medical Electronics, POS, e-Contents, e-Commerce, Web Applications, Financial (Mobile Wallet), Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics. Till date, he has worked as the principal architect for leading tech-based companies like A B Impressions, Globallogic, Applied Mobile labs and Handygo Technologies.

Hansraj Agarwal


Mr. Hansraj Agarwal is the cluster head of Rajasthan at Digital India Payments Limited. He has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Sales and marketing with some big names like Universal Corporations, United Villages Networks. He has also worked with many astonishing digital payment/financial inclusion companies like Oxigen services, Novapay solutions where the challenge was to promote cashless setup in remote districts of Rajasthan.