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How to apply?

1. Filling the application form

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, student entrepreneur or an experienced one, you’ll have to fill in the application form to get the process started.

There are various forms as per the stage of the startup. We request you to fill the right application form. This will save you a lot of time and will further ease out the process for us. Filling up the wrong form can lead to delay in appointment slot and further delay in starting of the incubation process.

The details of various forms are given below:

  • launchboard

    Idea Stage : For Aspiring Entrepreneurs / Idea Stage Startup / Pre Revenue Startups

  • startupsupport

    Startup Support Program : For Prototype and Pilot Stage Startups

  • growthsupport

    Growth Support : For Post Revenue Startups

  • socialincubation

    Social Incubation Program : For Startups with Social Impact

  • coworking

    Coworking : For Startups and Freelances looking for working space and community

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2. Schedule a meeting

Once you have filled up the appropriate form as per your stage, you will get a confirmation email from our end in next 7 – 10 days. This email will contain all the information regarding date and time for the presentation with Startup Oasis team.

This will be your first formal interaction with the team where you’ll have to give a presentation about your startup. This presentation will help the team to evaluate you at various parameters.

Click here to Download Presentation

3. Track allocation

After the One on One presentation, the team will do an internal evaluation and will allocate you a “Track”. Tracks are our various programs which are allocated to startups as per their stage and readiness to get funded.

The information about various tracks is given below:

  • - LaunchBoard Track
  • - Pre Accelerator Track
  • - Fund Raising Track

The terms for joining the specific track will be communicated to you before joining the track.

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