Social Impact Incubation Programme : "Challenging the Status-quo"

With the support from DFID, UK Government, and in association with Technology Development Board (TDB), Government of India, the INVENT program is spearheaded by Villgro Innovations Foundation as the lead Incubator. INVENT aims to support up to hundreds of entrepreneurs by providing funding and capacity building to 4 government-affiliated incubators (IIT Kanpur, IIM CIP, Startup Oasis and KIIT TBI) in the eight low-income states (LIS)

Startup Oasis is implementing INVENT program in the select eight low-income-states of the country, especially Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to support social entrepreneurs. Involves - funding, incubation-support, mentoring, capacity building and networking assistance for 'for-profit' social start-ups. Startup Oasis works closely with the start-ups to catalyze social impact for the bottom-of-pyramid and nourish such businesses. The start-ups under INVENT programme get funding up to 50 lakhs along with one-year incubation, mentoring, capacity-building, networking, and follow-on funding support.

Startup Oasis has supported over 50 start-ups under the programme so far, through its incubation and acceleration support programmes. Over 4.5 crore of funding has been committed to 19 start-ups, while another 3 crore funding is in the process of getting finalized. Besides non-funded mentoring support is extended to over 30 start-ups through Social Accelerators and Incubation programmes.

Social Accelerator Programmes - "Construct a Better India"

Social Accelerator Programme was initially designed and implemented to help the start-ups applying for INVENT programme, as a precursor to the one-year incubation programme. Startup Oasis launched its First Social Accelerator programme in November 2017. Entrepreneurs from across the country applied, and 126 applications received. Nine social start-ups were selected for the programme from health, agriculture, craft and livelihood, ICT for development and education sectors. This was conducted in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The second and third Accelerators were lean one-month programmes and were conducted in Delhi and Bhopal along with partners. The fourth was the Social Accelerator on Crafts, Culinary and Livelihood (SACCL), focused on the said domains. This three-month-long programme was conducted in Jaipur, Rajasthan along with the partners. The fifth launched in the series is the Rural Energy Accelerator Programme.

Sixth Accelerator Programme 'Leap Forward', is being launched for the INVENT incubate companies, that are now ready for the 'next leap forward'. The programme shall bring 'critical ground speed' for the start-ups to be able to 'take-off' in a span of three months. The programme shall include companies that have been under incubation for over six months, and would now be required to gear-up themselves for follow-on funding and scale-up strategy.

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