Innocity Craft Accelerator

A four-month journey, that enables a craft startup to experience orbit-change and build a scalable & investible business model. The initiative is based on the model –

Diagnose | Coach | Sprint | Fund | Connect


The Craft Accelerator

Innocity Craft Accelerator is a joint initiate by CIIE.CO and SAP. This for craft entrepreneurs who work with artisans in Rajasthan & Gujarat. It is a four-month journey for a startup orbit-change, through focused intervention, guided efforts and funding support. The intervention happens in a sprint format, focused on one problem statement that could lead to orbit-change for the startup.

The Theory of Change

Social entrepreneurs bring innovation, technology & transparency to the craft sector. They balance social and environmental impact with commercial success of a craft business. We believe, craft entrepreneurs are ‘instruments of change’ and we invest in this change.



An early-stage craft startup

Working with artisans in Gujarat or/and Rajasthan

Innovative & Impactful



A 360 Degree review of the business


Focus on one problem statement


Funding during Sprint of up to INR 2 Lacs


Expertise, Review & Necessary Pivots


Market, Investment & Sectoral

Access to Demo Day

Funding of up to INR 25 Lacs & Incubation




Strategy & Experties
(Plan of Action)

Sprint Funding
(INR 2 Lacs)

Connects & Collaborations
(Market & Investor)

(Success Matrix)

Access to Funding
(INR 25 Lacs)


Inviting startups working in these categories to apply:

Procurement with Purpose &
Impact Gifting

Products for Corporates/ Multilaterals/ Governments to procure at scale

Technology for Craft, Artisans & Enterprises

AI/ML/Blockchain/Design/IPR/Market Access/Transparency/Productivity/ Quality/ Efficiency/etc.

International Market &
Global Audience

Products for International audience


18th Sept- 4th Nov.

Evaluation & Interaction
17th Oct- 15th Nov

Nov 2021

Nov 2021 – Feb 2022

Annual Convention & Demo Day
March 2022

The Craft Circle

Craft has the power to transform people & rejuvenate the planet. The sector brings joy to the customer, respect to the maker & satisfaction to the facilitator. Craft sector needs new life through innovation, collaboration & tech-infusion.

We invite you to be a part of this community of the ‘Craft-Change-Makers’, as experts, entrepreneurs, investors, artisans, designers, influencers, faculty, students, researchers, or facilitators. Through this community, you meet and network with like-minded people, cross-learn & cross-pollinate, also contribute to the community in your own unique way. You get access to people, events, workshops & pitch-days.


The accelerator is a focused & guided effort towards a certain problem statement that participating startup may be facing. Instead of solving multiple problems, accelerator is in a sprint format & will put its entire attention & resources on a single problem/ challenge, solving which will open new possibilities for the startup’s orbit-change.

  • Stage: An early-stage craft startup (ideally at MVP/early revenue stage), with some amount of market validation should be ideal, though others are also welcome to apply.
  • Region: A startup that is working with artisans in Rajasthan/ Gujarat will be ideal, though others may also apply.
  • Offering: Both service & product startups are encouraged to apply, as long as there is innovation & clear value proposition.
  • Impact: Startups with social and/or environmental impact will be ideal for the Sprint, though rest may also apply.

The sprint will be run in a hybrid mode. Few sessions may happen offline, while others online (considering COVID conditions).

No, though startup's core / primary work & impact should be in any of or both these states.

No, but once selected, startup may need to start the registration process (as private limited company) with immediate effect. This will also facilitate the funds to be sanctioned to the entity.

Yes, the selected startups will get funds & TAS (Technical Assistance Services – e.g. marketing/ technology adoption/ financial services/ etc.) of up to INR 2 Lacs. This will be used to accomplish the sprint objectives.

Yes, Startup will get access to demo day at the end of the sprint program. Once the Investment Committee clears a startup, it may get funding of up to INR 25 Lacs, along with incubation support at CIIE.CO

Yes, a startup that has been incubated/ accelerated at CIIE.CO or any other place can be a part of the sprint, provided they have a problem statement that fits the sprint mandate.

The Craft Circle is a community of craft enthusiasts at CIIE.CO. Anyone who works in and for the craft sector is welcome to join the community (entrepreneurs, students, designers, faculty members, researchers, techies, influencers, artisans, etc.). Entrepreneurs applying for the sprint program should also apply for the community.

Yes, if you are a design/ fashion/ entrepreneurship/management/ liberal art student/ researcher or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn about a craft startup support program. The engagement will be for five months from November 2021 to March 2022. You may fill up the Community form and mention volunteering in the given field. If found suitable, we will reach out to you.


For any queries, please send an email to