Startup Oasis Invests Seed Fund in Aerologiks through NIDHI SSS Program
Aerologiks provides automated, intelligent and stable drone services and data solutions. It provide insights about ongoing construction projects and serves agriculture industry.
Currently there is no drone startup working in Tall tree segment which has huge potential and arecanut is commercial crop and farmers are generally enterprising.
Production of arecanut in the world was about 10.33 lakh tones from an area of 8.29 lakh hectares in 2009-2010. India ranks first in terms of both area (47%) and production (47%) of arecanut.
Startup Oasis Co-invests Seed Fund in Guitaa through NIDHI SSS Program
Guitaa is an AI backed SAAS music learning instrument platform for musicians. The platform work on idea that every hobbyist wants to learn any instrument through particular song.
They have recently closed equity funds with Startup Oasis, Execution Excellence and Shailesh Jaiswal.
“In 2018, the global music publishing market size was valued at USD 4.59 Bn. Strengthening Internet distribution in developing countries has increased penetration over the past few years and the trend is expected to rise over the coming years” report by Adroit Market Research.
BlackBoard Radio raised follow-on-fund
Using state-of-the-art machine learning models uniquely trained on Indian accents of young children, the app provides automated scoring of pronunciation on a user’s speech and provides feedback to improve. 
Blackboard Radio has created a platform where students can speak freely without fear of judgment, which helps students to become more confident.
They have been funded and incubated at Startup Oasis, Jaipur under DFID UK, TDB GoI supported INVENT program since 2018. They have recently raised follow-on-funding from Omidyar Network and Sequoia Capital.
Startup Oasis Invests Seed Fund in KhetAgri Innovations under SAP INNOCITY Program
Urban Khet is engaging multiple farmers and creating a strong value chain by procuring vegetables from farmers at the farm level and distributing them directly to customers without any use of middleman/warehouse through their single point platform.
Current solution consists of 3-5 intermediaries that makes system more complex and inefficient for grower and buyer.
 “Agritech is helping in solving several challenges across the spectrum of the traditional agriculture value chain and presents a market potential of US$ 24 Bn by 2025”, Agritech-towards transforming Indian agriculture report by EY.
“The global blockchain in the agriculture and food supply chain market is expected to reach US$ 429.7 Mn by 2023 at a CAGR of 47.8%” report by MarketsandMarkets.
Startup Oasis Invests Seed Fund in Sharedpro under SAP INNOCITY Program
Sharedpro has developed a web platform that enables employers to hire or share skilled and experienced professionals as a regular co-working employee. It acts like a cloud talent empowering companies to adopt a flexible employment model.
Mid-sized IT companies do not have visibility with respect to projects and hiring a new employee every time can be problematic solution during uncertainty.
Company is helping medium size business to grow while reducing their risk simultaneously it is also helping the existing workforce to reskill on different platform.
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