Improve the framework conditions for women entrepreneurs in Rajasthan, with special reference to the Tier II & III cities.

About the Program

Project 'Her&Now' is an incubation and acceleration program for women entrepreneurs in Rajasthan, with an objective to support over 105 women entrepreneurs until March 2021. The the sector-Stage-Scale agnostic program, funded by GIZ, Government of Germany; supported by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India, and implemented in Rajasthan by CRIF.

The two-fold intent of the program is to have a more gender-inclusive entrepreneurial space, while also discovering a loosely structured program model that could be scaled up in other parts of the country and become a part of the policy structure.

Program Component

Incubation for the Start stage enterprises:

Structured 6-7 months deep mentoring and capacity building programme intervention, for start/ early stage enterprises (less than one-year old) to groom entrepreneurs and build strong foundation for their enterprises

Acceleration for the Scale/ Growth stage enterprises:

It is a 6-7 months mentoring and capacity building programme for scale/ growth stage enterprises (over one year old). The first three months will be incubation while the next three months acceleration (fast track growth) support. The objective is to groom entrepreneurs and to co-create growth-hack strategy for their enterprises. By the end of the program entrepreneurs should also be able to attract serious investment interests/ brand ambassadors/ sponsors for themselves.

Post Incubation/ Acceleration Support:

Enterprises that look promising and have further support requirements post incubation/ acceleration may be put on monitoring system. With light touch intervention, reviews and booking of office hours, women entrepreneurs may keep getting support from the incubator. Few services (like Co-working space) may be made available at request, at subsidized rates. Network and other forms of support also from the parallel programs/ events running (like Demo Day) could be offered post review and need evaluation.


Long term (6-7 months) support through Incubation and Acceleration Program. Support through mentoring by experts, help in development of Business and Financial model.


Contact sessions of the program are conducted in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur. Currently being conducted online due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Program is specifically designed for Women Entrepreneurs based in Rajasthan. It is designed for entrepreneurs who have moved beyond the idea exploration stage.

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Her&Now is a two-year project focused on women entrepreneurship in three regions of the country - Rajasthan, Telangana, and North-East.The project intends to support approximately 300 women entrepreneurs across sectors and stages over two years. The project was launched in year 2019 and first phase of the program has been concluded. This project is an initiative of GIZ (German India Cooperation) supported by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. CRIF is the implementation partner for this project in Rajasthan.
CRIF, CIIE (from IIM Ahmedabad) and GIZ bring to Rajasthan, a special programme focused on ‘Women Entrepreneurship’. The idea is to support two categories of entrepreneurs:
  1. Idea to Early Stage - For those women entrepreneurs who are thinking to start, have done some pilot/research, have started a small enterprise of their own in Rajasthan, and now want to expand the business. In due course of time would also want access to funding.
  2. Revenue to Growth Stage - For those women entrepreneurs who have already started earning from their businesses and now want to grow their businesses bigger and also get access to funding.
Though women entrepreneurs from all the districts and cities of Rajasthan may apply. Each programme is 7 months’ long and completing the programme brings a very fruitful journey that includes:
  • Completion Certificate
  • Mentoring & guidance
  • Collaboration & Networking
  • Technical sessions & Workshops
  • Media Coverage of the entrepreneur
  • Access to Markets
  • Access to Funding

The program comprises of 2 divisions- Incubation and Acceleration. The category for each entrepreneur will be decided by the CRIF by through due-diligence. (It is solely at the discretion of the implementing organization). It also depends on the scale of the enterprise and the commitment of the entrepreneur during the program.
The offerings are as mentioned under:
A structured deep mentoring and capacity building intervention, for entrepreneurs that:

  • Have a business idea (and have some ground work done on the idea , like research)
  • Have started business in a small way and want to grow the business.
Primary objective of incubation is to groom entrepreneurs and help them build a strong foundation for their enterprises. Incubation programme offers:
  1. Business strategy
  2. Mentoring
  3. Market access
  4. Networking
  5. Access to funding
  6. Completion certificate
  7. Media coverage
A structured business support programme for entrepreneurs, that :
  • Are at revenue stage, ie. earning something from their business regularly.
  • Want to grow their enterprise to be scaled-up/ diversified.
The primary objective is to groom entrepreneurs and to co-create growth-hack strategy for their enterprises. The acceleration programme offers:
  1. Business and Financial Modelling
  2. Mentoring & Handholding
  3. Market access
  4. Networking & Collaboration
  5. Access to funding
  6. Completion certificate
  7. Media coverage

No, the programme is non-residential. However, during the course of the programmes there will be training and mentoring sessions which may require the participants to stay overnight, once or twice at any central location. We will organise the stay and travel.

Due to COVID, all the activities are currently being conducted online.

  • Hands on business support from industry leaders
  • Entrepreneur allies across sectors
  • One-on-one mentoring support
  • Relevant network and peer connections
  • Access to investors/financial institutions
  • Chance to feature your story in a national media campaign
80% attendance is compulsory for all the sessions, except for unforeseen contingencies and with prior intimation. We encourage more committed ones to apply.
On an average, participant has to spend 4-5 hrs per week virtually during the course of the programme along with 9-10 full days during the training and mentoring sessions
Yes, you may have to travel during the programme to Jaipur. The travel and stay will be organized by us
Rajasthan based women who are inclined to advancing their entrepreneurial journey and growing their businesses. Women who are willing to complete the programme with full commitment and also to collaborate with others, help their fellow friends

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