Enabling Corporates to buy Environmentally sustainable and Socially conscious products from Startups directly working with rural artisans

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About The Craft Accelerator

The Innocity Craft Accelerator Program is a joint initiative by CIIE.CO and SAP CSR. The program focuses on craft entrepreneurs working closely with artisans in Rajasthan and Gujarat and enabling them to target their products, which have inherent social impact and are environmentally sustainable, to corporates, hotels, corporate gifting agencies etc. for Procurement with Purpose that are looking at alternatives to replace their existing factory made, high energy and carbon-emitting products.

The Theory Of Change

The Startups manufacture products using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes leading to an environmental impact.

The products can be procured by:

  • Organizations for corporate gifting (to employees, clients/customers, partners, dealers)
  • Luxury Hotels & Resorts for décor and consumption
  • Wedding & event planners – Clients can gift these products to their guests

These products are made by the artisans of the poorest tribal areas of India and thus also generates social impact.

This whole cycle of collaboration and procurement not only leads to impact on a regional/local level but also drives economic, political & cultural change.

For any queries, please send an email to