Brass Nakshi Dhoop Dhani

USP - Packaging, Design, Storytelling

Inspired by Samudra Manthan. Second avatar of Vishnu, crowning the upper shell is the Mayura/peacock, an auspicious symbol - a harbinger of peace, patience, protection, and prosperity. A gift like this is an extension of your brand values and ethos to your employees or partners and goes to show that you as a brand are conscious and care for their people.

  • ‘Samudra Manthan’ Inspired
  • Brass Naquashi Dhoop Dhani, for wellness (Antique Gold finish)
  • With smokeless dhoop in an organza potli
  • Gold foil illustrated gift box, saluting an artisan at work
  • Crown can be screwed on (peacock), for easy packaging


Product Design
Packaging with Branding Services

Wesight: 0.75kg-1Kg
Dimensions: 8”D by 8”H
Colour: Antique Gold
Material: Brass

‘Kamal’ Brass Diya (Set of 2)

USP - Sustainability, Design

With the arrival of polymer or industrially produced metal products, the nomadic ‘Gadia Lohars’ of Rajasthan started melting all the discarded metal-ware and re-made products of special utility with new techniques - punch work, creating patterns with varied hammer marks, etching etc to make special utility products


Product Design
Packaging with Branding Services

Wesight: 0.25kg
Dimensions: 4”D
Colour: Gold
Material: Brass

‘Naaz’ Copper Goblets (Set of 2)

Keeps the liquid contents safe to consume with the help of the Process of kalai (Tin coating for safe consumption, separates the reactive metals from the beverage)
This product is Designed In-House and handcrafted in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh Available in 3 designs - Champagne Goblets, Martini Goblets, Grande Goblets

Wesight: 0.75kg
Dimensions: 12”L x 12”H x 6”B
Colour: Copper
Material: Copper + Tin